From One Blow Job to Complicated

May 04

Two Black Guys

Tonight I am trying a first…my first threesum with two black guys. they will be here in forty five min and we will hopefully have a good time. cant wait.

May 03

xhornygay-deactivated20120713 said: New tumblr gay, a delight * - * follow me?

For sure

Mar 07


I rather suck at this posting thing. I guess when ever I get on here I jsut get horny then jerk off. Guy number 106 came over…hot. liked me to cum on his face. Also, my boyfriend, or rather ex boyfriend is and has become a complete duche. He is trying to no longer be gay because its not who he and god want him to be. Wht the fuck is with that. I am contemplating posting the pictures I have of him. I guess thats me being angery though. I my self am having troble figuring out what I want. I still have another boyfriend and girlfriend so…I guess I am no less of a duche than my exboyfriend is.

Jan 18


I am board and trying to get guy number 102 to come over so I can fuck him. We will se how that goes. I am also trying to get a married guy to cum give me a bj. hopefully the night is a success.

I am in love with this guy, I would leave both my boyfriends, and my girlfriend for this guy…and even be faithful.

I am in love with this guy, I would leave both my boyfriends, and my girlfriend for this guy…and even be faithful.

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Jan 13


Dec 24

Merry Cristmas

So over the last 48 hours I have broken up with Kyle my now former Boy Friend…Although hot as hell and had a tight ass, he was way depressing, guess thats just how emo kids are though. I met him on line and actually had to put effort into getting him in bed. Although we messaround with our cloths on during our first date. It wasnt for like two or three weeks of txting talking and walking that i managed to fuck him. It was awesome. He is hot and I will miss the sex.

Dec 23

In the begining

Well, I am in my early 20’s and i received my first blow-job form a guy i met online when I was 18…I think, My age is a bit scketch although the details are clear. It was winterish and we met, he was in the army, and we went to a little leauge dug out where he gave me a blow job. It was awesome and although I did come, there want much because I jerked off like 20 times before I met him. I was very excited. Well now in college I have a girlfriend who knows nothing of my Boyfriend…either of them, and all three of them do not know about all of my hook ups I have from people on line. I have in the last few years been with over 100 guys…no knows about that. I think its time to recap them…